Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Kids Learn At Preschool

Preschool has become a necessary part of children’s education to give them an academic advantage for later learning experiences. Preschool curriculums preliminary activities that help them succeed in standard academic subjects. Summer day camp can be an important way to reinforce this learning throughout the warm months when school is not in session.

Preschool Skills
In past decades, the preschool experience was designed to be primarily a play and socializing experience that allowed children to interact with their peer group in a semi-structured environment. Preschool soon became a place where children could learn basic concepts that were important for stardard education. Preschoolers now learn a number of essential skills during their day, such as:

  • Preschool helps children to become more independent and take care of themselves and others in practical ways.
  • Group activities prepare children for the standard learning environment.
  • Children become accustomed to authority figures in the classroom.
  • Counting games, matching games, sequencing games and puzzles help to build brain connections for later mathematics learning.
  • Alphabet games, singing, chants and image-matching ready children for reading.
  • Group activities help to hone social skills and improve emotional control.
  • The preschool experience encourages language skills and appropriate interaction with others.
  • Preschool activities also help to build motor skills.
  • Preschool encourages young children to make their own choices.

Day Camp For Kids
Day camp can provide an opportunity for children to take their classroom learning into the outdoors. Children can use their knowledge of shapes, colors, letters of the alphabet, effective speaking, cooperation and social interaction into new activities and environments. Preschool summer camp helps children to become more resilient and confident, able to function in a variety of conditions and environments. This effect helps them to deal with unusual circumstances in other areas of life, reducing stress and building self-confidence.

A Responsive Summer Camp for Preschoolers
A good summer camp will provide programs that are tailored to different age groups. In regard to preschoolers, the camp must take into account the differences is maturity that are common in this age group. To accomplish this goal, Maplewood offers:

  • Offer programs 2 days per week, as well as 3 days per week
  • Athletic programs such a T-ball, soccer, gymnastics, basketball and swimming to foster physical activity and team interaction
  • Art, drama, dance and music activities to encourage visual acuity, listening skills and coordination.
  • Enriched activities such as nature exploration, boating and group games to foster observational and cooperative skills.
  • Provides appropriate eating and rest periods for the age group.

Preparing Your Preschooler For Summer Camp
You can help your preschooler adjust to the summer camp experience by providing information about the activities and schedules at the camp. An advance meeting with the preschool camp counselor can help to allay fears and begin a trusting relationship. Seeing the toys at the facility and the other children who attend the camp can provide the reassurance they need.

Find out how Maplewood Summer Camp can help your preschooler to learn new skills and develop confidence for advanced learning.

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