Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why Summer Camp is the Best Vacation Option for Kids

Summer break is the ideal time for kids to explore new interests and camp provides a safe environment where they can have the freedom they need to reach their full potential. While other vacation options may seem more family-friendly, they often lack the same full range of amenities that a quality summer camp provides. As you explore potential vacation ideas this summer, keep these benefits of summer camp in mind so that you can give your kid an adventure full of experiences that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy State-of-the-Art Facilities

Most vacation venues offer one or two exciting things for kids to do. However, summer camp is equipped with facilities that encourage kids to try new things. From dance studios and indoor rock climbing walls to an outdoor miniature golf course and a lake, kids at summer camp wake up each day to a wide-open playground just waiting to be explored. While they think they are just having fun, you as a parent can know there are always fully trained staff members available who can keep them safe while challenging them to improve their skills.

Build Lifelong Friendships

Kids at summer camp form an instant bond that is just different from the kinds of friends they make at school. Sharing a cabin, eating in the dining hall and spending all day together fosters a community that emphasizes showing kindness to everyone. Often, kids communicate with their bunk buddies throughout the year, and they cannot wait to meet back up with their friends when summer begins again.

Encourage New Interests

At summer camp, kids can strengthen their current skills in a favorite sport or hobby such as soccer and drama, or they can choose to explore something completely new. In fact, many kids have never had the opportunity to do things such as kayaking or swimming across a lake until they attend summer camp. Dance, drama, pottery and archery are just a few more interesting activities kids can enjoy at summer camp.

Develop Leadership Skills

Kid’s vacation options are often filled with rules about what a kid cannot do; yet summer camp promotes independence for kids within a safe environment. At camp, kids take on greater responsibilities as they return each year. For example, an experienced camper may act as a Big Brother or Big Sister to a new camper and guide them through the first week of camp. Often, these same kids return to become Counselors in Training, and many camp staff members are alumni who love returning each summer.

Participate in Special Events

Summer camp is never boring. In fact, special events are constantly being planned that add an extra element of excitement to an already fun-filled schedule. Whether kids are digging for gold or tie-dying t-shirts, they love having the opportunity to do something new. For many campers, family days are one of the most treasured events since that gives them an opportunity to show their families exactly how much they have learned and enjoyed at summer camp.

Deciding where to send your son or daughter for their summer vacation is not something to be taken lightly. After all, the experiences your child has during the summer can also affect their academic success. This year, allow your child to enjoy greater independence while participating in kid-friendly activities that only a full summer camp program can provide.

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