Monday, July 20, 2015

Reasons Why Kids Should Play Sports

Kids at day camp love to play sports; in fact, youngsters thrive through getting involved in all kids of sports. 

From goofy soft ball games at summer day camp to recreational leagues and Little League All Star teams, there are so many ways that kids can learn and grow from playing sports. 

Physical, academic and social benefits can all be achieved while having lots of fun along the way.

Up and Out
In a time when so many kids are glued to their techie devices, being on a sports team gets kids into the habit of getting out and exercising every day. They may not be thinking about it while they’re out there practicing layups, running the bases or doing soccer drills, but it’s all contributing to their overall health and instilling habits that can lead to a healthier lifestyle right into adulthood.

Kids Learn to Function as a Team
From school and summer camp right through college and the job market, a “team player” is a valuable asset. The ability to put individual needs, differences and desires aside is a key component in being on a team, starting on your youth soccer league. Kids on a sports team need to learn how to get along with people they may not like and try to concentrate on what will work best for the team, even if it’s at the cost of their own individual glory.

Managing Time
Of course, schoolwork comes first, and extracurricular activities like sports should not get in the way of academics. By participating in athletics, your child will need to develop some good time management skills. You can help by showing him how to manage time and prioritize responsibilities so that homework, chores, sports practices, games and competitions can effectively fit into his or her schedule. For example, he may have to finish homework rather than watching some TV or playing outside afterschool in order to have everything done before practice.

Promotes Self-Esteem
A well-coached youth athletic team will help promote self-esteem. When helping your child decide which sport he’d most enjoy, look for one where she can grow and improve and be sure to provide positive reinforcement along the way. As kids work hard to get better and better at their sport, they’ll experience a joyful feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Ramping Up Social Skills
Kids participating on sports teams develop social skills that allow them to have a good social standing the rest of their lives. Not only do they learn to interact with a variety of their peers, but they also learn to be able to interact effectively with older people, in particular their coaches and various sports officials.

Dealing with Adversity
Your child will inevitably make errors, miss shots and strike out at some point when they play sports. Learning how to handle these kinds of adversity can give them valuable skills for dealing with life’s “curve balls” right through adulthood. Learning from mistakes and coping graciously with adversity are excellent character building experiences that will serve your child well in school and beyond.

They are Fun!
Mostly, sports are just fun. You’re out running around, learning a skill you love and experiencing the thrill of winning and the not-so-thrilling lows of defeat. But whatever you do, you’re surrounded by your teammates and the sense of camaraderie and fun that accompanies the experience of being a part of the team.

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