Thursday, June 29, 2017

Overly Shy Kid? How Summer Day Camp Can Help

As a parent, you know your child has a vibrant personality that is just waiting to be shared with the world. But their overly shy nature can make it difficult for them to allow their best characteristics to shine. Naturally, you may be worried about how they will survive at camp when they find it hard to squeak out more than a word or two in new social situations. The great news is that you can set aside those worries. Summer camp is designed to help youngsters break out of their shell by offering opportunities for developing social skills.
Form Instant Friendships with Cabin Mates
The first day at camp is a flurry of activity as kids begin arriving at their cabins. Although some campers will be reuniting with friends from years past, there are also many kids who are brand new. Returning and new campers all quickly begin to make friends with each other. A kid’s cabin group becomes an instant family. From creating inside jokes to planning special events together, even the shyest kid at camp gets to be part of a friendly group.
Discover Hidden Talents and Strengths
Shyness sometimes reflects a lack of confidence that is normal in children. Building your child’s self-esteem in other areas allows them to feel as though they have something valuable to share. At camp, kids learn that they can do anything they set out to do. It can be finally getting up on the wakeboard or performing a complicated dance routine. Camp activities are designed to encourage kids to share their talents as they make progress. Be ready for your shy youngster to suddenly project serious confidence when demonstrating a new gymnastics skill.
Participate in Fun Group Activities
Shyness often melts away as kids lose themselves in fun activities. For instance, youngsters simply can’t help but return a splash at another camper when they are swimming in the lake. Group activities also give them a chance to be included in friendly competitions or a night full of fun camping on a nearby island on the lake. These shared experiences allow kids to form bonds that make those early days of shyness seem like a distant memory.
Take on Leadership Roles
Camp staff members quickly recognize kids for their contributions to the group. And every counselor is adept at identifying those kids who need a little encouragement to take on leadership opportunities. From leading the group on a hike to being team captain during a sports competition, your shy camper will transform into a leader who can handle greater responsibilities. The positive reinforcement provided by their camp counselors and fellow campers allows them to feel bold enough to take on leadership roles even after they return home from camp.
Parents often marvel at how much their child has changed after a summer away at camp. Not only is there the potential for your son or daughter to grow an inch or two in stature, but they also may come back with a more outgoing personality. One that reveals all those great traits you know and love. After a summer at camp, your biggest challenge will be keeping your newly outgoing child stimulated during those months until camp reopens again.

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