Monday, August 1, 2016

6 Things About Academic Tutoring You Should Know

There comes a time in many children’s school careers when they are simply struggling with a particular subject or concept. Should you notice your youngster falling behind in math or worried about not reading as well as classmates, it may be time to seek out a tutoring program whether through the school, at a community center or at a specialized summer camp. Timely addition of tutoring can make a huge difference in your youngster’s school success.

Individualized Learning Experience

There’s nothing like individual attention to help youngsters grasp hard-to-learn concepts and work through stumbling blocks. Today’s classrooms are often crowded and busy. Quiet, struggling children are easily lost in the crowd, and individual tutoring or small group instruction allows these youngsters to better reach their potential. Kids are also more comfortable in the non-threatening atmosphere of tutoring, where they can work at their own speed without worrying about the performance or opinion of other students. With less pressure, students are more at ease and better able to overcome with academic problem areas.

Becoming a Better Learner

A good tutoring program can give young students the chance to become better learners, to think independently and to develop improved problem solving skills. A good tutor can help a child hone study habits and learning strategies that can stand him in good stead in a variety of subjects throughout his academic career. It’s also helpful for kids to see that they aren’t alone in their struggles with math or reading, and success can also breed success. When kids see others with similar academic problems begin to succeed, they realize that they can too.

Value of Hard Work

Tutors aren’t intended to do your child’s home work for him. Rather, a good tutor can develop a child’s appreciation of the rewards of hard work. Much as a coach can’t hit a home run for a young baseball player, a tutor can’t perform a student’s school work but can show him how to maximize his efforts. For a child, knowing that better school performance and better grades are earned by their own hard work is an invaluable lesson and a great character builder.

Immediate Feedback

Unlike homework and class assignments, individual or small group tutoring means your child will get immediate feedback on work done. Although this can seem like criticism to your child if he’s not used to tutoring, it’s a great way to speed along the learning process. Also, one-on-one attention means your student can ask as many questions as he wants without worrying about whether class might think the question is “stupid”. Immediate answers to questions means concepts can be grasped more quickly.

Super Parent Resource

Because a tutor is spending one-on-one time with your youngster, it means the tutor can be a valuable resource for you as a parent. Stay updated on the progress of current and upcoming sessions and ask the tutor about his own experiences with studying and taking tests and how they may help your child in their home studies.

Improving Academic Performance and Stopping the Summer Slide

High quality tutoring, based on the child’s needs as identified by parents, teachers and the child herself, leads to improved performance with school work, homework and tests. However, even when one particular goal has been achieved, a youngster may need occasional remediation in problem areas. A good tutoring program is geared to helping kids with needs that may change throughout their academic career. Additionally, many kids lose ground during summer when they’ve stopped using their academic skills. Depending on the student, this may mean the loss of several months of learning. Tutoring during the warm weather months can help your child start school in the fall right at or above grade level.
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