Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Benefits of Drama Classes for Your Child

One of the favorite activities for kids at day camp, drama classes aren't just a ton of fun; they help kids grow, gain self-confidence and learn to function as a team. 

Although drama classes are offered in after school programs, at magnet schools and at community theaters, many kids find it especially fun and laid back to take the classes at summer day camp.

Artistic Development
A great way to spark a child’s interest in the arts, drama classes introduce youngsters to a wide range of theatrical activities. They learn about writing, directing, performing, auditioning, designing and building scenery and maybe even dancing, singing and choreography.

Working as an Ensemble
Kids in drama classes benefit greatly by learning to work together in a cooperative venture, taking others’ ideas into consideration, working through creative differences and learning to accept feedback. Not only do actors need to work cooperatively, but all members of the theatrical ensemble have to figure out how to work together toward the best possible production.

Academic Benefits
Though some parents worry that getting involved in theatrical arts will impede or take important time away from academic pursuits, studies have found quite the opposite. In general, students involved in the creative arts tend to do better academically, and a study by The College Board showed that these students scored nearly 100 points higher on the SAT than those not involved in artistic endeavors.

Developmental Development
The benefits of drama classes include opportunities for improvement of communications skills, particularly public speaking and projecting the voice. Kids in drama classes can also develop emotional skills such as empathy when they try to relate to their character’s feelings and motivations. The ability to walk in someone else’s shoes and see things from a different point of view are skills that will be useful throughout your child’s life, and by learning to understand their character’s emotions they can become more in tune with their own.

Social Skills
You’ll probably find that taking drama classes will result in a noticeable improvement in your child’s social skills. Your youngster will meet and bond with new friends in class, developing a sense of camaraderie with them as their characters interact during rehearsals and performances.

Improved Confidence
Contrary to what you may think, drama classes are not just for the outgoing child. Kids who are on the shy side may find that playing an ensemble role like a face in the crowd or a voice in a chorus can let them indulge their theatrical side without feeling too intimidated. As time passes, they may even gain enough confidence in their own talent to pursue more of a leading role.

Where to Find Drama Classes
If your child has expressed an interest in the theater, there are a variety of places to find classes. On the budget end, you may find instruction at community centers and town recreation centers or as part of summer camp programs. Kids who are more intensely interested in the theater may benefit from classes at a professional theater group where they can study the art with professionals in a real theatrical environment. Performing arts schools offer classes in musical theater, voice, singing and dance as well as drama.

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