Monday, October 24, 2016

How to Get Kids to Do Their Homework

Trying to get kids to do their homework can become a nightly battle that fills your evenings with dread. Yet, you know that practicing the skills they are learning at school will reinforce new concepts while teaching your child the importance of education. Teachers today must keep their classes moving at a fast pace to keep up with their school’s standards, which means that skipping homework can leave your son or daughter falling behind. While you cannot wish homework away, you can make it easier for them to stay motivated for completing their assignments by implementing these simple strategies.

Establish a Set Time for Doing Homework

Kids do best with a routine and setting a specific time for doing homework will eliminate those last-minute rushes to complete an assignment. Talk to your child about the times when they are best able to think. Usually, this time will be in between after school and dinner when they are not yet tired out from the day’s events. Once you agree upon a time, stick to it. Your child can use an alarm or other type of reminder to let them know when it is time to get started.

Set Up a Study Space

A defined study space gives your child a place to store supplies so that they can avoid time wasters such as searching for a pen and paper. It also ensures that they will not be distracted by other activities that are going on in your home such as a television blaring in the background. Find a quiet space in your house where your child can focus without such distractions. Then add a desk, chair and shelves that they can use to complete their work.

Sign Them Up for an After-School Program

For many kids, homework battles occur because they do not understand the assignments. In these cases, having homework assistance from a professional tutor will help your child learn critical skills without getting frustrated. After school programs make it a point to provide a special place and time for kids to study so they are prepared to get straight to work. Knowing that they will also have time afterward to participate in their favorite activities such as sports also motivates kids to get those assignments completed.

Support Your Child’s Changing Needs

As your child begins to respond to your strategies, it is important to acknowledge their progress. Let your child know that you are proud of them for completing their homework, and ask if there are ways that you could provide extra support. For example, your child may ask for one-on-one tutoring if they are struggling in a tough subject such as mathematics or writing. Enrichment courses in science and the arts can also help reinforce skills that will make doing homework easier.

Homework may seem arbitrary to kids, but teachers truly do hand out those assignments with the best intentions in mind. Although you know that doing their homework will lead to success in the future, your child may need some convincing. By setting them up with a defined space and time to study, along with homework assistance, your son or daughter can finally look forward to the feeling of satisfaction that comes with showing up to school with their assignments complete.

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