Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nurturing Your Child's Strengths at Summer Day Camp

One of the greatest joys of parenting is watching as your child masters new skills that bring out the positive attributes of their personality.
Giving your child new experiences is the best way to stimulate their development, and summer day camp makes this easy by providing a full schedule of activities every day that encourage children to discover new abilities.
This summer, you can look forward to your child enjoying these benefits of day camp for nurturing their strengths while they have the time of their lives.

Broaden Horizons with Specialty Programs
The school year is often too busy for lessons such as horseback riding and tennis. However, those summer days are full of long hours to let kids dive into their favorite interests.
Whether your child enjoys learning to play golf or wants to go on an equestrian adventure, training under a professional instructor in specialty programs at camp lets them immerse themselves in a favored hobby for several hours each day.

Step Into Leadership Roles
It is important to nurture your child’s developing independence, and summer day camps make sure that kids are given new responsibilities as they get older.
Counselor-In-Training programs at your child’s camp reward maturity by placing children in leadership roles that enhance their communication and decision-making abilities.
Having these positions to aspire to encourages younger children to always do their best, and older children feel honored to be able to help with the younger campers in their group.

Strengthen Academic Skills Over the Summer
Parents often lament that their child loses the skills they learned during the school year over the summer months. This is never a problem when your child goes to summer day camp because tutoring programs offer a way to continue developing your child’s academic strengths without leading to boredom.
Many day camp activities teach academic skills in fun and exciting ways. For instance, participating in chess competitions helps kids with their problem-solving abilities, and gardening gives your child hands-on experiences in science that they can take back to class.

Reveal New Strengths Through Challenging Experiences
A happy childhood is full of constant opportunities for your child to make new discoveries of things that they do well. Yet, new strengths can only emerge when your child is placed in an environment that encourages taking safe risks. Setting a goal to finally reach the top of that rock climbing wall and meeting it fills children with confidence that they can tackle the next challenge.

Watch Your Social Butterfly Thrive
The summer months are also the ideal time to help your kid learn how to make new friends and nurture their current relationships.
Whether kids are learning to paddle a canoe together or they are participating in a soccer competition, social skills are always being strengthened. These social ties also extend into the school year when children participate in after school programs at camp that keep them connected to their friends.

Summer day camp may only last a couple of months, but the lessons that children learn last a lifetime. Make sure that your child is surrounded by positive role models who plan stimulating activities at day camp so that their natural abilities will be brought to the surface.
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