Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Importance of Challenging Summer Campers

Keeping kids entertained during the summer is a full-time job for parents, and it is important to keep kids stimulated so that they retain the things that they learned during the school year. Fortunately, summer camps are designed to keep kids challenged with exciting activities that carefully disguise the fact that kids are learning. While summer should always be a carefree time for kids, it is also important to keep them inspired to reach their fullest potential.

Types of Challenges Offered at Summer Day Camp
Summer camps carefully balance activities so that kids always have their familiar favorites to look forward to, but they are also encouraged to try new things each day. From learning how to scale a rock climbing wall to participating in a sports competition, kids are given chances to challenge themselves to set goals and meet them. Over time, kids begin setting their own challenges up such as swimming across the lake or learning how to ride a horse.

Benefits of Meeting Challenges for Kids
Kids need challenges to help them grow. This is why summer camp staff members also prioritize celebrating each kid’s achievements. Whether a camper dives off the diving board for the first time or finally manages to win a chess competition, everyone joins in the cheers. Meeting challenges increases a kid’s confidence so that they are willing to tackle even bigger ones in the future.

Helping Hesitant Children Conquer Their Fears
Many children are naturally hesitant when it comes to trying new things. Yet, it is important for kids to build their confidence through engaging in challenges. This is why summer day camp counselors are sensitive to each kid’s personality, and they provide gentle support to kids who need a little extra encouragement to step out of their comfort zone. From planning smaller goals to help a kid work their way up to a challenge, to helping a child overcome their shyness, camp counselors make it possible for every kid to rise to a new experience over time.

Building on Each Child’s Successes
It is important to continue following completed challenges with new ones that reinforce a kid’s skills. For instance, a kid who learns how to float on their stomach during swimming lessons will then be challenged to start learning strokes. In academic tutoring, a kid who finally masters a math skill may be challenged to solve a more difficult problem that uses a similar strategy. Making sure that kids see how conquering one challenge helps them do another shows them the importance of personal growth.

Keeping Summer Fun with Well-Rounded Challenges
Summer day camp programs offer a carefully balanced schedule of activities that teach academic, social and physical skills. This keeps things from getting boring while also making sure that each part of a kid’s developmental needs are met. As kids grow, they are less likely to get into trouble when their days are filled with new adventures at camp.

When that last school bell rings, kids are given the opportunity to explore new interests for the next several months. Partnering with your kid’s summer day camp staff is the best way to keep them challenged so that they get the most out of every moment of their favorite season.

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