Thursday, March 12, 2015

Questions to Consider In Selecting a Summer Day Camp

Are you considering on enrolling your child to a summer day camp? There are many factors to consider when choosing the ideal camp for your kids. Essentially, word of mouth and recommendations are the best meaningful resources when looking for a camp for your children. The camp’s reputation is another thing to consider. But when all factors are taken into account, your kids’ interest should be the paramount consideration when choosing a summertime campsite.

Summer day camps offer more than just hiking, trekking, or canoeing. They provide a good starting point for life-long friendships, awesome experiences, fun-filled activities, and a lifetime’s worth of joyful memories. Wouldn’t you want that for your kids? Ask your kids: would they want to experience that kind of fun and laughter? It’s highly probable that they would love to do that.

One of the most important questions to raise when choosing the ideal summertime campsite for your kids is what are its advantages or benefits?

Day camp during summer is a good starting point for teaching kids the important life lessons. The experience imparts them with wisdom that they can use for the rest of their lives. With these camps, they get to meet other people, they get to roam and play around, and more importantly, they become disconnected from their computer games or TV. It is a great environment where they can swap stories, engage in conversation, participate in games, and just enjoy with other people’s company. It’s fun in a natural setting.

Perhaps the biggest factor to the delight of these kids is that these camps are usually a no-parent zone. Imagine the freedom they will enjoy for the next couple of days or weeks that they are in these camps.

But being away from the parents is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be a wonderful learning experience for them. When these kids are separate from their homes, they tend to become more independent and resilient. They learn how to do things on their own. And this is where summer camp administrators step in; they can guide and supervise these kids as they do about their way independently in these campsites.

If you or your kids have some concerns or apprehensions regarding life in these camps, that is normal. But for your peace of mind and comfort, it is highly recommended that you speak with the camp administrators. Perhaps you have some questions in mind that you would like to raise. Here are some of the commonly raised questions when selecting a summertime day camp for kids:

Camp Schedule
  • What dates to summer camp start and end?
  • When is the closing date for submission of applications for prospective attendees?
  • Is there a flexible schedule available?

Camp Fees
  • How much does it usually cost to attend a summer day camp?
  • What does the tuition fee include? Does it cover for meals, transportation, etc.?
  • What is the manner of payment?
  • Are scholarships available?
  • Will the camp refund in case the child is not able to attend the camp?

Camp Safety and Health Concerns
  • Are there enough camp personnel to watch over the kids?
  • Are counselors trained in CPR or first-aid?
  • Can the camp handle emergencies?

Camp Personnel and Staff
  • What is the ratio between the camping kids and the staff?
  • Does the camp administrators perform background check on all its personnel and staff?

Other Questions
  • Will adequate housing, bedding, and food be provided?
  • Is there adequate assistance available for kids with special medical needs?

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