Monday, March 20, 2017

Bumper Boat Fun!

When the weather turns warmer, kids get excited about spending time on the water. Bumper boats are one of the most popular activities at summer camp. Most parents are familiar with canoes and kayaks but seldom connect water and bumper cars. So, when they see the boats hit the water, it brings big smiles to everyone’s face! Bumper boats are exactly what the name implies. Kids love steering them around on the water while bumping into their friends. As you make your summer plans, below are a few ideas on helping your camper enjoy a little bumper boat fun this season.

Get Your Kids Comfortable in The Water
One big reason why families send their kids to camp is to provide them with an environment where they can step out and take safe risks. Diving into a lake is intimidating for many kids. Bumper boats offer a gentle way to get acclimated to spending time in natural bodies of water. And, since the boats are equipped with fun water “squirters”, kids can get wet without the pressure of being fully submerged.

Make Sure Everyone Practices Water Safety
Every activity at camp is carefully planned with safety in mind. Kids learn all about water safety when they climb onto a bumper boat. From putting on their life jacket to wearing a seatbelt, they learn how to respect the water and still have tons of fun. For added water safety, sign your child up for swimming lessons. They can be in a traditional pool as well as natural bodies of water. Then, always make sure trained staff members are on the water with the kids to supervise their bumper boat adventures.

Encourage Teamwork and a Sense of Community
Classic bumper boats hold two kids at a time. They take turns steering and squirting. Everyone gets a kick out of turning it into a team sport. And working together is a great way to encourage new friendships. Bumper boats are a form of open-ended play. This allows kids to make up games with their own rules within the camp community. Counting points for bumps or hitting their targets with a blast of water are just a few of the ways kids turn this fun activity into a friendly competition.

Extend the Fun with Party Options
Day camp gives youngsters the chance to enjoy bumper boats after school and during the summer. But they just can’t get enough of this activity. For this reason, you will find that it makes the perfect activity for any celebration. The joy of bumping each other across the water generates tons of laughs and memories. Whether celebrating a birthday or winning a championship, it’s a great way to highlight special occasions. It also is the perfect end to a day of team building.

When you arrive at camp, you never know what kind of fun is in store. The look of excitement on a kid’s face when they first see a bumper boat is amazing. And their smile just gets brighter as they steer their boat across the water. When it comes to filling those summer days with new and exciting experiences, everyone should have bumper boats on their itinerary.

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